Home Safety Essentials You Must Have in Your Home

Home safety is the main concern in every home, and after experiencing a couple of power outages because of the weather lately, I decided I have to make a little list for my home safety essentials.

  1. First Aid Kit

    Everybody hurts, there is even a song about it. So you need to be prepared for this.
    Nesting Journey - Home Safety - First Aid Kit
    There are many variations of first aid kits in the market, get one for your home. Make sure that it includes:

    • Band-aids
    • Sterile pads
    • Antiseptic wipes or sprays
  2. Electricity

    Even in the most developed cities there are power outages. The cause can be from a power line that snapped far away or short circuit that your neighbor caused. Anyway you can only guess when the power will return.

    storm flash 

    The basic stuff you have to keep in your home is:

    • Flashlight / Candles – Your IPhone flashlight is OK too, BUT you would drain your battery faster, and would be stuck without a connection to the outside world.
    • Batteries – For the flashlight or a small radio.
  3. Fire

    You forgot something in the oven or left the heater open all night too close to the curtains and a fire started? What do you do?

    yellow and orange
    Keep a small fire extinguisher (or at least a bucket) in an accessible place from any room in your home.

  4. Water

    In case of a water shortage or water pollution in your area this is the first thing you’ll need to find in order to survive, and you don’t want to rely on the supermarkets in these cases.

    adult blur bottle close up
    In any case, in order to be prepared, always keep some clean water bottles in your garage or the pantry.


Hope it helps you to make your home a little bit safer.

Til’ next time, Sasha


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