First 3 Home Improvement Steps

Want to improve your home but don’t know how to start? Take a look at these 3 easy steps and begin your home improvement journey now.

Start Your Home Improvement Project With These 3 Easy Steps

1. Clean

To optimize your focus on what you need to do in order to improve in your home, you need to clean it. When your home is clean, you immediately can see if you lack some storage space or if you have damaged furniture that you have to replace or repair it.


If you are not sure whether you need to replace or repair your stuff, take a look at this post to help you with that: “Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Get Rid of Your Old Things“.

2. Colors

It is known that the colors in our environment affect your mood, emotions and desires. You can see it in every store, restaurant or hotel.

Don’t know what colors are right for your home? or what colors to choose for each room or space? Just take a look around you. Every colors that go together in the nature, are perfect at your home too.

Example #1: Fire


Fire contains the colors red, orange and brown.

Since the prehistoric era we used fire in order to prepare meals for ourselves and our families, therefore we automatically react to its colors as an appetizing colors, so it will be a good idea to combine its’ colors in your kitchen or dining room.

You can paint a wall or just add some decor stuff like paintings or plates in these colors and you could already feel the change.

Example #2: Beach


The beach contains blue and yellow (bright brown) colors.

The beach is the ultimate spot for thinking calmly about things, to gather your thoughts and make conclusions. Therefor these colors are very good for a learning or working spaces in your home, like a home office or the learning desk area at your children’s rooms.

You can add yellow flowers or blue chairs in those areas for a little touch of calmness or paint the whole room in it.

3. Lighting

This is also an important aspect that reflects every room personality. There are 2 main types of lights: White and Yellow.

Nesting Journey - Home Improvement - White Lighting
The white lights are perfect for spaces for work such as kitchen and office. It helps you to feel awake and focus.
Nesting Journey - Home Improvement - Yellow Lighting
The yellow lights are more for coziness feeling for rooms such as the living room and dining room. Be aware of using too little of this light, that can make you sleepy or just too dark.


Hope these steps will help in your home improvements journey.

Know how to continue? Please share your home improvement tips in the comments.

Til’ next time, Sasha


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