Must Have House Moving Day Checklist

My moving day to my new house is getting really close. So I decided to do the perfect checklist for this day and I think you should have it too.

The House Moving Day Checklist – Detailed

Choose a Good Packing / Moving Company

This is one of the important things. Make sure to choose a highly recommended moving company. Ask about the price and the insurance BEFORE the moving day.

House Moving Day - Moving Company

Close all Your Bill Debts

This is also very important, especially when you are moving from a rental (You don’t want any problems with the law after you start your life at the new place).

House Moving Day - Debts

Make Sure Your Water and Electricity Works at the New Place

This is the basic stuff that should be working BEFORE you move to the new house. All the other stuff like Internet, Gas or other installations can be done after the moving day.

I personally don’t have to move on the day that we’ll get the keys, so we decided to wait until all the new things (like the Refrigerator, Stove and more) are installed, all the lighting features are hanged and the closets are built, that way we’ll clean less after we move in.

House Moving Day - No Electricity

Pets Mental State

For those that have pets, make sure to arrange a place for them to be on the moving day. Pets can take it very hard, especially dogs that take themselves as the house protectors, when they see stuff taking out of your home (Especially their stuff).

House Moving Day - Sad Pug Dog

Pack Early – But Not Too Early

Make sure that you are not packing your stuff in the day or the night before your moving day. The moving day is already a stressful day, you can get rid or this one thing and make this day better.

I personally ending all the packing 3 days before moving, leaving only the essentials in a travel pack.

House Moving Day - Packing Boxes


For your convenience, this is the full summed up checklist:

The House Moving Day Checklist

  1. Choose a Good Packing / Moving Company
  2. Close All Your Bill Debts
  3. Make Sure You Water and Electricity is Working At The New Place
  4. Pets Mental State
  5. Pack Early – But Not Too Early


Hope it helps you too,

Til’ next time, Sasha



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