Knock Knock… Who’s there? Door knockers (and They’re Animal Shaped)

The first impression is very important for everyone, that’s why the door is one of the most important things for a home.

Some decorate their door with a little sign, some with flowers BUT some are using door knockers as a decor piece (AND as a knocker too, LOL)

In my country (Israel), I didn’t see any door knockers yet, That’s why I was curious about this kind of door decor.

Why animal shaped door knockers? Because I love animals 🙂

1 – Lion

I’ll start with the most traditional door knocker: Lion door knocker. The most earlier door knockers was found in Greece and Italy, and as you guess it, it was with lion head.

As you approach to a door with this kind of door knocker, you immediately feel the strength, wealth and a wisdom spirit of a house.

The most famous one is hanging at 10 Downing Street in London.

lion door knocker

After a little bit of digging, I ever found this affordable lion door knocker on amazon.

2 – Owl

If you want some mystery vibe to your house (and you don’t live in the woods, cause then it will be creepy), this is the door knocker for you.

owl door knocker

I found this door knocker on amazon, but there are lots of different types that more colorful, bigger or creepier than this one.

3 – Seahorse

The seahorse symbolize Friendliness and Generosity. People that will see this door knocker will always expect to see your friendly face smiling and not hesitate to ask you for a help.

Buy this gorgeous antique seahorse door knockerseahorse door knocker if you are that kind of person.

4 – Goat

Yes, a goat. I never thought about this animal on a door either. But I love the meaning of Peace and Balance that it represents.
goat door knocker

Take a look at this goat door knocker for example, that can fit on a cute town house.

5 – Horse

If you feel Freedom in every breath you take, this is the door knocker for you. Great for farm houses and horse lovers as one.

horse door knocker
Feel free to look at this door knocker on amazon, even if you don’t have a horse or a farm house as me.



Please write what YOU think is the best animal to be your door knocker? and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog

Til’ next time, Sasha


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