After the layout design of the home office, I started to like it, and decided to do another one, This time I’ll design the living room layout.

First Step – Drawing The Empty Living Room Layout

First, I drew an empty very accurate living room layout (Just the things that already there, like the kitchen) according to the floor plan that was given to us:

new home living room empty layout

Second Step – Fill The Living Room Layout Drawing In Furniture

Then I started to think about our furniture and if we should change or get rid off them (I even wrote a post about it). As you can see from my new house layout, I don’t have lot of space in the living room.

We decided to change our L-shaped sofa and add an armchair in order to make a more comfortable layout design.

In the end, this is what we came to:

new home living room layout

What do you think? What would you add/change?

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Til’ next time, Sasha.


  1. I would replace the kitchen table with a kitchen island. This way you can enlarge the living room area a little bit.

    1. In the beginning this is what I wanted, but the wall that between the fridge and the hall to the rooms area pushed the island too much into the living room (more than this variation). And I didn’t want to remove the wall because then the guest bathroom would be in the kitchen area, I didn’t like that idea.
      You can see the whole picture of the apartment here:

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