While I was writing a future post about the living room layout design, I was thinking about what of our old things in our living room will move with us to the new apartment, and then I came to those 3 conclusions that made my decisions easier, and hopefully make yours too.

Old Things - confused don't know maybe

1 – Broken or ripped

If you have something laying around (Lets say for the last couple of months) that you keep telling yourself you gonna fix, don’t bother anymore. You are lying and disappointing yourself  every time you see it, and you feel bad about it. Why not throw it, and right from the first day start to feel better?

2 – Don’t use anymore

If in the last half a year you didn’t use it, then maybe it’s time to give up on it and give it to charity. This rule is good for all things: clothes, furniture…

For example, I have a rule for clothes: If I don’t ware it for a whole season then it’s for me anymore. It keeps the closet clean and I can see clearly what I really have or lack.

3 – Upgrade Old Things To New

So you got coach that was very good for you when there was only you and your partner a couple of years ago, but now you have 2 kids and you need a new couch. Don’t try to fit a family of 4 to a couch of 2, sell  or trade it and buy something that sues you best. Our life is constantly changing, so is our needs, so don’t be afraid to upgrade your environment too.

Old Things - good-dice cube good day

Hope that these 3 things will make your life easier and please share your tips too.

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Til’ next time, Sasha


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