Home Office Layout Design

Hi everyone,

In this post I’ll try to design the best home office that match for my house, first I present you the top 3 things that every office needs and then I’ll check what is the most comfortable layout for my office room.

TOP 3 Home Office Essentials

tidy home office with apple computer

First of all, lets see what a basic office needs. There are 3 main things:

  • Big desk – Although all I need is a computer, I think that the more table space the better. Let’s say you want to grab some coffee, look on emails, read something from a book and take some notes, We have to be able to hold all this things (and not in our hands), aren’t we? Although there are lots of desks for home office, after a little research the optimal desk for me is 70 cm height, 70 cm depth and 150 cm wide.
  • Very comfortable chair – If you see yourself working almost every day in the home office, you don’t need a broken back so you could say “Maybe later, my back hurts”, you need the best home office chair there is. The work environment needs to be as comfortable as possible, and a comfortable chair is one of the main things to follow that rule. I found that the dimensions of an average chair is 60×70 cm.
  • Storage – For all the papers, books, albums…. The office space is a great space to gather all the papers, books, albums… I’m personally don’t like these things just laying all over the apartment, so the office is like my (little) library for all of that. In this time I’ll use the library closet that I have today. ?x? cm.

Now let’s start playing 🙂

My Home Office Layout Design

home office

You can check the full layout of my new house in this post. As you can see there, I’ll use one of the bedrooms as an office.

After considering tons of variations, These are the top 3 layouts that me and my husband chose for our home office:

But…. our favorite is:

Home office layout


  1. The table is not blocking the access to the window.
  2. The person that sits on the chair is not looking on a wall.
  3. Gives some extra room for future furniture add ins (like another closet or a bigger one).
  4. Close to the electricity (on the left wall, near the upper corner), so the wires wont be stretched across the room.

What do you think? Would you do the same? Please share in the comments.

Til’ next time, Sasha.


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