Hi everyone,

In the past 2 years, I’m living in my current apartment.

In that period, I learned a couple of things that I want to take (or not) with me to my new home, some are bad and some are good.

7 things that I learned from my old house that I'll take with me to the next

1. Good House Layout Is Very Important

In our current apartment (the layout pic) there are unusable spaces.
For example:

  • There is nothing I can do with the closed balcony that comes from the kitchen, It’s too narrow.
  • There is blocked space between the kitchen, toilets, bathroom and the closed balcony.
  • The opened balcony is unusable too, there is a builtin closet and the doors from the living room that opens into the balcony, making it impossible to put some table with chairs out there.

old home layout

2. Always Make Sure That the Water Pressure is Good (for cold AND for hot water)

because you don’t want to shower in the winter in hot water with almost no water pressure

hot cold water

3. Choose the Door Handles That Won’t Hurt You If You Bump Into It

because you don’t want that kind of memories.

open door

4. Make Sure That Your Tiled Floor Is Stable

because you don’t want to hurt your feet when you walk barefoot.

licking dog

5. If You Don’t Like Dust, Don’t Buy Dusty Furniture

like 2 stories tables AND too many little decorative stuff.

dust anybody?

6. Curtains Make The Room Comfy BUT Not In Every Room

even if it’s thin white curtain, and don’t dare to put a curtain in the bathroom – It will stink!!!

curtains in the wind

7. If You Cook A Lot in the Kitchen, You Need Any Counter Space That You Can Get

so keep it uncluttered.

cluttered kitchen


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