Floor Tiles Changes That Changed Our Home Character

This post is about the floor tiles changes that we made to the original one in the apartment.

The original floor tiles for all the apartment was Grey (a little bit boring, don’t you think?). I don’t have anything against grey floor but I wanted some rooms to be a little bit different but yet simple – the bathrooms and the balcony.

So how I got my ideas for the new floor?

Bathrooms Floor Tiles

For the bathrooms I got my ideas for the floor from Pinterest. After browsing a little bit for “bathroom floor”, I saw some interesting ideas. Here are a couple of ideas that I liked:

pinterest inspirationspinterest inspirationspinterest inspirations

Do you see what caught my eyes?
I just fell in love with the combination of white tiled walls with black and white tiled floor. so this is what I done to our bathrooms. We choose 3 different black and white tiled floor, each bathroom with different pattern, and the same tiled white walls in each room. The house is under construction but I made a couple of pictures for you:

new home bathroom floor tiles
General bathroom
new home bathroom floor tiles
Parents bathroom

new home bathroom floor tiles

Guests bathroom

Balcony Floor Tiles

For the balcony, because it’s coming with a garden, I wanted it to connect with the nature and look like a wooden deck (like a backyard), but I don’t really wanted a real wooden floor because it would’ve need more maintenance then a tiled floor. So we picked floor tiles that looked like a wooden floor. Also I managed to take a shot of this one today:
new home balcony floor tiles
Wood like tile balcony floor

I am very satisfied with these changes that we done to the floor. What do you think? Would you do something else? Please share

Til’ next time,


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