Kitchen Changes

Hi everyone,

In this post I’ll show the changes from the original plan that we did in the kitchen.

In the original plan (the right picture), the kitchen was very basic, with little storage space and no room to sit and eat some fast breakfast or to make company for the one who prepares the food

In the new plan, we:
– Removed the wall near the sink – didn’t get the idea of that wall.
– Added sitting places – for the breakfast and the company.
– Added some cabinet above the fridge and the counter – for more storage.

new home kitchen layout         new home kitchen layout
new home kitchen layout
The fridge wall is now covered with more storage space.
Above the fridge (on the right) there is a 2 doors cabinet, in the middle we’ll have 2 cabinets above the oven (one is a space for a microwave) and 2 drawers under, and on the left we’ll have 2 cabinets that opens upwards and 2 drawers under the counter.

The other sides are standard and simple:

new home kitchen layout
The window wall with a view to the balcony’s garden
2 drawers, 1 door cabinet and a space for a dish washer
new home kitchen layout
The counter that divides the kitchen from the living room (view from the kitchen)
2 drawers and a special deep drawer for bottles
new home kitchen layout
The counter that divides the kitchen from the living room (view from the living room)
one of the chairs will hide another door cabinet in the corner

In the end I’m pretty much satisfied from the kitchen design, at least on the paper. The installation is coming up in the near future (YEY… ), so we’ll see the final results there.

The kitchen companies are also doing a 3D pictures now, so the kitchen needs to look this in the end:

new home kitchen layout

So… What do you think? Is it perfect or is there something that you would do differently?

Til’ next time,


4 thoughts on “Kitchen Changes

  1. Thanks for the Sasha. I like the new layout and the enhancements you did. A few comments I would add are:
    1. The oven is very close to the fridge, so you’ll always have to worry when opening the fridge when the oven is ON, and a lot of heat is in that area.
    2. You positioned the sink on a counter that’s in the corner. Did you thought what kind of cabinet you will have under it? Usually you have the garbage under the sink and that door needs to be accessible easily.

    It would be really great if the notes on your plans would be in English :).


    1. Sasha Pasternak November 19, 2017 — 22:56

      Hi Anatolie,

      Thanks for commenting and the tips.

      1. I plan the fridge to be 3 door fridge that the freezer is on the bottom (under the oven line), and the fridge itself is 2 door that opens to the sides, so that way the heat will not directly enter the fridge.
      2. The cabinet under the sink is a garbage cabinet, the door have a space to open up freely (I actually asked about it the company that built my kitchen). You can see the final results in my post “Kitchen Update”


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