The NEW Home

This post introduces the floor plan of the new apartment – new planning concepts, changes from the original floor plan and the future plans for some rooms/spaces.

So…. here is the original floor plan (the size is in cm):

New home layout

New home living room layout
The living room: in open concept, it contains the living room, kitchen and the dining area.
The only thing we changed from the original design is the kitchen area (that I would show in future post).
On the right you can see the entrance to the apartment, on the top you can see the entrance to the rooms area and on the left is the door to the balcony.
balcony with garden layoutThe balcony + garden: the concept of a garden on the balcony is very new in Israel. In older buildings, if you are not on the ground, you don’t have a garden, so this is a plus.

the view from the balcony is going to be a big park, but because this is a new building in a new neighborhood, in the beginning the view will be construction sites.
We are planing to use the garden as a vegetable garden (but that may change due to our dog).

master bedroom layout

The master bedroom: this is a relatively small room. We are planing to spend most of the time in the living room (we are not teenagers anymore) so this room doesn’t really need to be a large living space with lots of stuff (and the TV in this picture will not be there).

The master has its own bathroom (yeah, not all the apartments in Israel have this), so this a luxury. the only change (from the original plan) that we did, is changing the floor tiles in the bathroom (will show in future post).
Another thing is the place for a closet. yeah, i know it seems a little bit small (180 cm length, 70 cm depth, 230 cm height) but we’ll add some storage space on the wall where the TV is in the picture.

New home rooms

Other rooms: besides the master bedroom, there are another 3 rooms. In this rooms we decided not to change anything.
The left room (the closest to the master bedroom) will be an office for me and for my husband (mostly for my husband). we think it will create the “parents wing” of the house.
The right one (with the thick walls) is the apartments’ bomb shelter (yes, you read it right). Because in Israel there is a threat of rocket fire, the law dictates that every apartment should have a bomb shelter. In older buildings we have a shared building bomb shelter, and in even older buildings we don’t have a bomb shelter in the building so the only shelter is a neighborhood bomb shelter.


The general + guest bathroom: In this rooms we also only changed the floor tiles (like in the master bathroom).
It has the space for laundry machine, laundry hanging, electrical boiler and a space for the air conditioner stuff. We will have a solar boiler as well to save electricity, since most of the year it is sunny in Israel (solar boilers are very common in Israel).

New home storage room layout
Storage room: a room outside of the apartment but on the same floor. This is a new thing in Israel now. In older homes there are storage rooms (if any) on the underground floors where the parking is.
So… Here it is, now you know what I have to work with. Don’t forget to write what you think in the comments.
Til’ next time 🙂



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